Misting Systems

Laird Irrigation's quality irrigation team install cooling misting systems that let your customers enjoy their meal during Texas' hottest Summer months. Our mist systems can be integrated into any open-air or outside environment large or small.

Commercial Cool Misting Systems

Misting systems for restaurants will allow customers to enjoy their meal during the hot Summer months and are guaranteed to make your seating area cooler. This will also provide you with an opportunity to generate more revenue.

commercial misting systems
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Residential Cool Misting Systems

Misting systems for residential homes allow you to enjoy your outdoor areas throughout the hottest time of the year. Instead of wishing it was cool enough for you to be outdoors, cool misting systems make this a reality. Let us customize a system for you.

We also provide you the option of installing outdoor heating systems, that will help you stay warmer in cooler months. These systems provide your surroundings with a heater that will allow your outdoor area to be cozier and much more comfortable for your family, friends or customers. 

Ask us how we can cool off or humidify your warehouses, barns, greenhouses, wineries, and more with a variety of options – permanent or temporary.

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Enjoy your San Antonio or Austin surroundings and stay cool during hot Texas summers with cooling mist.


You can schedule an appointment to get a free evaluation to address your outdoor misting needs.


Get a free estimate, then schedule the work. Start cooling and enjoying your patio all summer long.


We can show you ways to target those areas that invite you outside in the heat of the summer.