Artificial Turf

Laird Irrigation & Lighting Premium quality

Multi-purpose and very durable superior quality artificial grass/turf Brand, made of advanced UV resistant yarns, polyethylene fabric and durable latex backing, all materials are top, durable and strictly tested.


Laird Irrigitaion & Lighting Environment Friendly


Our artificial grass is non-toxic and lead free, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on. 4 tone patterns are soft, lush and with a perfect blade height that looks like natural grass, providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment.

Save money & always Green

No mowing, no watering, no spraying, no fertilizing, Our artificial grass needs no maintenance and looks perfectly fresh and Green all Year Round.


Laird Irrigation & Lighting is the Best choice in artificial grass installation


Make perfect well-manicured look. All our artificial turf comes with a 10 year Warranty with our professional installation process. And our customer service is bar none.

At Laird Irrigation & Lighting

We use a self-adhesive seaming tape for your turf installation project for a perfect seamless outcome.


Artificial Lawn Turf


Thanks to artificial lawn turf, you can have lush green grass no matter the weather or season, and you don’t ever have to worry about landscaping. Our residential turf is not only unbelievably realistic but also durable enough for dogs to play in and soft enough for babies to crawl through.

Artificial Putting Green Turf

Our performance turf will keep the golf and sports lovers in your home putting and playing all year long. Nothing beats fresh and pristine artificial turf for a fun-filled day of putting practice with the kids